How can he love two sisters?
Q: I’m a 35-year-old divorced mother of a 5 year old boy. I was married for 4 years. My ex husband left me while still expecting our son. Anyway, I moved on and got a new job which made me move to another country. On one of my visits home, I met a man that showed interest in me and we started dating about a year. I was surprised when my older sister who has never married told me she has an interest in the same man, who she told me was her former colleague. She asked me to back down in no unclear terms as the man loves her more. Even our mother advised same saying after all I was once married and had a child. What should I do?
Chinwe, Hamburg, Germany.

A: Dear Chinwe, so sorry you found yourself in this love triangle. It’s unfortunate that the man you love also have eyes for your sister. The best thing to do is handoff this relationship as it may lead no where and can cause family friction since your mother and sister have agreed on this. Both of you should leave this man as it shows he has no integrity. Yes, you met him first but you’re not on ground to know what happened or to consolidate the relationship. But, you need to ask the man some vital questions. But don’t make him feel too important in your family or life. It’s a sign your best is yet to come. Best wishes!