The heatwave has been dubbed the lucifer heat in Italy
A lot has been said about global warming and its devastating effect on our climate. This summer alone we have witnessed wildfires in Australia, Russia, Greece, Turkey and Italy to mention but a few. Some parts of Africa witnessed flooding and Canada had a heatwave that got everyone scampering for scarce air conditioning systems. The other parts of the world are grappling with one extreme weather condition or the other.

I planned to write about the interesting time I had during this summer but couldn’t. I tried thinking of some other stuff, but my memory and brain just wouldn’t bulge. What’s going on? It was not writers’ block because I had so many things to write about. While I was in front of my computer contemplating what to do, my body was clammy with perspiration, the heat coming from it was not helping matters. I couldn’t think, many thanks to the uncomfortable summer.

Summer has always been my favourite time of the year. At least one has a breather; take some relaxing days off, sleep late and wake up late before getting back to normal schedules of work. It’s a time to have some freedom from heavy traffic in the city (no honking or flashing by the driver behind to leave the road) and not to worry about parking spaces – many have gone to the countryside on vacation. A breather is it! Really this year’s has been a very hot one that I can’t really say it’s been a favourite time. Well, we’ll get by.

After spending some time at the sea side, I feel like just taking a dash back because the sweltering heat is getting on my nerves, so to say. The heat has been so unbearable that even a get-away couldn’t solve the problem. With Italy being touted as the hottest European nation this summer, the condition is better imagined than felt. With temperature hitting almost 40°C, one cannot but try desperate measures to keep cool and calm. Beating the intolerable heat is something one has to be deliberate about, many plan their vacation to seaside or mountain- side, and many Italians who have second homes use this as opportunity to get away. From Rome to Milan, and from Venice to Florence it’s the same story of caldo da morire (hot to death), as the Italians would say. Since we can’t beat nature, we’ll have to accept the situation.

Here are a few tips to beat the weather.
Take cold showers as much as you can. You may go to the beach or swimming pools if you like. I enjoy beaches however when there stay under the shade to avoid the scorching sun as much as possible. You know stepping on the beach sand is like walking in a furnace, so take extra care. Avoid crowed areas on the beach and observe Covid-19 rules out there.

Drink lots of water daily to beat dehydration. Don’t get thirsty before you drink water. Relish some gelato or granita with family and friends.
Walk in the shade or if possible keep your outings to the coolest time of the day not in the searing sun.

Dress light: wear cotton, linen or ankara materials, wear open shoes or sandals for your feet to breathe.

At home keep hot air at bay by closing your windows during the hottest time of the day, open when the sun goes down.

Getting a good uninterrupted night sleep is a rarity this season. Use cotton bed sheets and pillows to ease the heat.

Although many Italians are not still favourably disposed to air-conditioning but with the conditions getting excruciating, some are opting for relief via the A/C or even a fan to be able to sleep well. During the day, some just visit the malls or supermarkets to get a feel of the A/C. All is to keep cool and sane in this unbearable heat. Meanwhile, let me quickly wrap up my column and grab my cup of ice-cream to cool down while, well… thanking God for the sun. Praying that normalcy will return soon with a not too hot weather.
Live life to the fullest!