Sincerity of purpose he insist ensures that the turbulent climate in business “does not run us.”
It’s mid morning on a Thursday, the stretch of Via Venezia and environs in Naples is a lull. That’s unusual for a neighbourhood famous for businesses in the retail sector with clients coming from major European and African cities. The location of this neighbourhood to the Naples Central Station makes the business life here a bristling one. However, the economic meltdown being witnessed everywhere around the globe has also had it toll on businesses here.
One man has managed the situation so well though that new vistas have been opened to his business. Emeka Udalla’s sojourn here stretches over two decades. His Elite and Logistics cargo company has operated in the area for over a decade. In the boom years, business people from Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherland and France, travel to buy directly from manufacturers and almost always end up shipping or freighting their purchased goods through Elite and Logistics. With the meltdown most of the business men and women cut down on their travels, the hustle and bustle Via Venezia and environs enjoyed for many years affected.
Udalla earns trust to bring his business to the mainstream in Naples
On this Thursday morning when AfroLife called at the neighbourhood, workers at Elite and Logistics were busy, the place was a beehive of activities, a sharp contrast to the lull outside. Several Italians are taking their turns to be attended to – either to have their goods weighed in or packaged for shipment, situation which aroused the curiosity of the reporter. What has happened is Udalla through the application of financial resources by way of investment in opening up his business, managed to bring it to the mainstream.
“Business is not difficult if you observe the rules,” notes Udalla. “We have had to invest to remain solvent in these trying times.”
When the business people cut down on their trips to Naples, Udalla put his innovative mind to work, stepping in to fill the gap by linking manufacturers in Naples with their clients directly. The three way bond has been tested and works well for all the parties to earn trust.
Trust is a rule of the thumb in business Udalla believes is sacrosanct. With established trust every other rule falls into place. With trust, he’s in a position to advice the client even on seeming minutest thing as the day’s currency exchange rate. The establish trust makes credit flow to oil the wheel of business.
“With trust we’re able to render useful advice to our teeming clients, we encourage them, because encouragement is incentive in business,” states Udalla, who pointed out that the assistance rendered to clients transcends shipping and freighting their goods. Sincerity of purpose he insist ensures that the turbulent climate in business “does not run us.”