Driving is an art.

Everyone who drives claims he or she is an expert driver.

I’m yet to see a driver who thinks he is not a good one.

Anyway, why should anyone be on the steering wheel if he isn’t good? Does he want to commit suicide or murder? In most climes, you must have met some prerequisites and passed some examinations before you could be given a driver’s licence. Driving entails you have a sense of control, though not all drivers are in control.

Road signs are also made to help each driver navigate, have a smooth ride and avoid road accidents. The most basic thing about driving is maintaining your lane. You can’t drive in a zig-zag, you have to be on course. When changing lane you have to give indications you’re about to do that, make sure you have a clear view and not put other drivers at risk. I’ve had to cause to keep saying “please maintain your lane” to myself. I rarely talk to other drivers and I don’t shout but when I make some statements like the above I wished they could hear me. Unfortunately, not many road users observe or follow road signs, this sometimes leads to great mistakes and cause casualties.

On the road of life, there are guides to navigate each of us. But not many care to consult such guides but they use the road anyway. Some prefer to use the lanes of others instead of maintaining their course. They can’t keep focus on their lives but want to be or do like others. “The grass is always greener on the other side,” goes a saying. On the road of life, you need a Navigator (God) to direct you to where you’re going. Actually, you need to know where you’re going before venturing out. You can’t keep changing lanes because you see your friend on that lane or you think it’s moving fast. have you ever been in traffic and you feel that the other lane is faster and you changed only for the lane you were on to start moving smoothly and faster than where you left for? Life is sometimes like that. Of course, there are times, you would change lanes and it moves faster taking you to your destination quicker. Don’t get me wrong, changing lanes is not the issue but changing for a cogent reason and at the right time.

Changing lanes when you are running in athletics is not allowed. It disqualifies you from the race. You have to maintain your lane till you finish the race. Many use other peoples’ scales to measure their success and want to do exactly what others did even if it was noxious. This has led many into troubled waters which they find hard to swim in. Some in the diaspora have no aim and they keep wandering in circles, making them to be targets for crimes which eventually keep them in socks. Copycat mentality has taken over the sphere especially among young people.

Ambitions are good but not inordinate ones. Match your desires or ambitions with the right attitude, hard work and prayers and your desires would come to pass. Everyone is unique in whatever thing he or she does. Don’t assume anything, do your homework well and stand out on your own. Your work or achievement will stand you out of the crowd.

Maintaining your lane doesn’t mean you cannot have mentors or emulate that which is good even the Scriptures enjoined us to do that.  Being on your lane means you can’t be pushed about by vain philosophy, bad influence or tossed about by others. It means you are focused and result-driven because you know where you are going. In case you don’t even know your direction, you can always consult THE NAVIGATOR. Live life to the fullest!