By Dr Waka
Chei…chei….chei…kwenu! Hallelujah boys Kwenu! Vino drinkers Kwezuenuuuu…ooo! The presido of the hallelujah boys of Modena, the loud mouth, Zamdodge (this na aduro name o, from Belgium to Italo) is rejoicing and clicking vino glass with his boys o. Oga Waka wetin happen again? Abi na my mouth you want to hear that alaye father baba Franco Oguns has been granted two years visa to come buy all the vino for Italo to sell for Naija. Nack me tori.

I hear for inside one local padana train travelling from Piacenza to Modena that there was heavy thanksgiving for one white garment church for Modena as Zamdodge and him boys appear for this church to dance skelewu, azonto, eteghe and atilogu because their grand patron Oguns baba finally got visa to come and be packing vino for Italo to sell for Naija. You want to joke with okukume managers.

I gist una last weekend that Oguns baba has turned desperado for the sake of this visa. Nor be small thing o, it’s not easy to be a businessman and diplomat at the same time. One puree boy that was recently released from house arrest is telling everybody in Modena that he heard it from one hallelujah boy that Zamdodge tell him boys that his business partner, that is Oguns baba, boasting to them he has finally bagged two years visa after dry fasting and prayers for months. Chineke! This one nor be ordinary visa again o.

I still hear say, Zamdodge is back to Italo to await his business partner, Oguns baba who is busy boasting that his struggle in life is about to end and his enemies are about to be put to shame with this vino business. These two bobo say earthquake go happen for Italo by the time they start to order vino. Abame! Fear dey catch me o for this vino earthquake way Franco Oguns and his boy Zamdodge wan cause. I nor send anybody o if you like go and get high on Franco and Zamdodge vino na you sabi. Abeg pour me okukume jare!