Letta addressing the PD congress over the weekend
Children born in Italy by immigrants, would not have to wait until they are 18 years to become Italian citizen if the newly elected leader of the Democratic Party, PD, Enrico Letta is elected Prime Minister in future election.

Letter himself gave this indication when he was overwhelmingly elected as the party leader with 860 votes with just two against and four abstentions at the PD congress over the weekend.

Enrico Letta who is a former Italian Premier, had his government brought down by Matteo Renzi in 2014 and then became Prime Minister himself.

On the heels of his victory, Letta announced that his plans include lowering the voting age to 16 and automatically granting citizenship to the children of immigrants born in Italy.

Letta who became the first Italian Prime Minister to appoint an African into his cabinet, also announced that his priorities would be job creation as well as addressing the plight of women and youths in Italy.

Enrico Letta replaces Nicola Zingaretti who resigned last week as PD leader following in-fighting in the party.