By Dr Waka
My people my people, it has happened again o, one diplomat that you all know, the one that his name resembles Franco Oguns, that man that wanted to be chargee at embassy by all means and had to be unceremoniously summoned home by force, is at it again o. The hallelujah boys of Modena are telling everybody with ears for their usual long tales that this Franco Oguns, who before departing from Italo formed alliance with that loud mouth and pretender, the president of these so called hallelujah boys, Zamdodge, che nome figli miei! that the two have decided to become partners in selling Italo wine inside Naija. That na okukume business, abi?

That is how this Zamdodge recently put head for Naija go meet baba Oguns and they started dreaming together after which they came up with the fine idea of importing Italo vino into Naija. It started as play, and before you know it baba Oguns has put head for Italo embassy for Abuja to seek two years visa so that he can be doing his vino business on the side with this Zamdodge while still a diplomat. Make una see business men o, they want to get Naija people drunk be that. I hear for one buka near Via Crispi where these hallelujah boys usually gather that many months have passed since baba Oguns applied for this two years visa and that Italo embassy has not deemed it fit to acknowledge his application not to talk of granting him the visa.

I still hear say his partner Zamdodge has been having sleepless nights because he has gone to blow mouth for one local vino maker for Asti that he is coming with his partner to buy up everything in their vino warehouse. They said this old man has been disturbing loud mouth with phone calls sotaay whenever Zamdodge see the number he will switch off. I hear that he is planning to change his number to lyca if the embassy doesn’t give his partner visa soon.

In fact one hallelujah boy swore with his head that baba Oguns has now gone spiritual fasting and praying that his enemies, especially those on his father side should be put to shame since they don’t want his progress. After all they were the ones who frustrated his attempt to be chargee. I still hear that in his desperation at this vino business baba Oguns is already thinking of of going to the mountain if this visa matter prove stubborn. Ewoooo, this one is no longer a joke o. I hear that he plans on petitioning the Italo state if he is denied a visa with copy to Aso Rock and minister of external affairs. Fear day catch me o. I fear who nor fear vino business men o. Ba turenchi! I nor know book o.