Ibrahim beaten to stupor by Indonesia demons who called themselves policemen
by Dr Waka
Na who do us this o, common Indonesia, that country of terrorists is the latest place wey Naija matter show face again. I hear say over the weekend that one of our diplomats for that yeye country come see shege for Indonesia olopa hands o. Nack me tory! On the fateful day this our diplomat wey hin name resemble Ibrahim put head for supermarket to go shop. Na so all these hooligans wey call themselves police accost am make him show his document. Poverino Ibrahim, na so him kia kia deep his hand for pocket with confidence to bring his ID card. For where, card nor appear o. Our diplomat has forgotten to take his ID with him. Na so kasala take blow o.

Trust those terrorists na so them pounce on Ibrahim begin beat am the way Fulani bandit-terrorists dey take beat their victims for Naija. If you think say America police wicked, Indonesia own be demons o. Them beat shege comot for Ibrahim body sotaay him begin hala “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…” These demonic policemen nor stop o, in fact na eledumare save Ibrahim o, na his enemy obituary we for dey read now.

Trust our own Ministry of External Affairs, na so them come put mouth for the matter dey tell us say Naija has protested to Indonesia government! Na today yansh dey back? How many protest who na don make for that ministry? When Ghana do their own nor be the same story we hear. Senegal nko, na so so tory tory wey dey hear from una. My people, Naija na crumbled wall wey every goat dey climb now o. Nobody take us serious for this world because all the demonic politicians wey wear agbada and call themselves leaders nor care even if the country burn to ashes, after all they all have backup plans to checkout the day ogbonge kasala go blow.

As for our broda Ibrahim take my advice run fi cover o, because Naija nor care for anybody. Any time you see Indonesia uniform people do about turn borrow Ben Johnson legs take fly o. Because I know say those demonic terrorists don sit down on top of your matter, them nor go free you o because you go always dey their radar. I don talk my own, since I nor know book I nor fit shout. Ba turenchi!