Diop with Neo-Fascist Fratelli d’Italia leader Georgia Meloni
Like Tony Iwobi, the Nigerian, whom his compatriots in Italy fumes at the mere mention of his name because of his stance against migration, Paolo Diop, a Senegalese, is also incurring the wrath of the immigrant community in the country because he does not favour Africans migrating to Italy.

Diop who wasn’t even born in Italy is the face of the neo facist group called Fratelli d’Italia. Like Iwobi, who is Matteo Salvini’s Lega immigration arrowhead, Diop is Fratelli d’Italia’s immigration spokesman.

In a recent interview, Diop declared, “I’m the son of immigrants who arrived in Italy legally at a time when Italy’s economy was growing. Now it no longer is, so we can no longer welcome economic migrants.”

In the immigrant community, Diop is held derisively as more Italian than the one born and breed in the country.