Michela Rosetta may have been implementing the anti-migrant agenda of the League
Michela Rosetta, the Mayor of San Germano Vercellese, a town near Torino, has resigned from office. Rosetta who has been in the eye of the storm in recent days for denying COVID-19 Aid to immigrants in her council area, announced her resignation from office today. Last week, Rosetta and a Councillor in the council Giorgio Carando were placed under house arrest.

The scandal blew into the open when the public prosecutor of Vercelli Davide Pretti alleged that the duo stole food aid purchased with state funds for the COVID-19 emergency from foreigners and the needy. Both, he stressed will have to answer in various ways for crimes against the public administration, including forgery, abuse of office and embezzlement.

Announcing her resignation today, Rosetta said the allegations were “groundless, unjust and gratuitously defamatory,” adding that, “I have always acted exclusive in the interest of the population, trying to help all those who were in conditions of difficulty and making good use of public money.”

Rosetta is of the far right League Party of Matteo Salvini, the party that has used anti-migrant rhetorics to warm its way into limelight in Italy. This is not the first time allegations of corruption have been levelled against members of this erstwhile provincial party.