A survey published in the United Kingdom has revealed signs to know if you’re
a grown-up.
According to the report on the survey, one critical sign to know you’re matured is if you move from your family home.
Since the publication of the survey, questions have been asked about its relevance to the times, especially in a continent like Africa where jobs are becoming increasingly scarce and far apart. How can someone without job leaves the family for the uncertainty that characterises a move away from home?
Other signs to know you’re matured listed in the survey include:
Paying utility bills
Making a budget
Having a landed property
Your parents don’t have to make your financial decisions for you anymore
Having a pension scheme
Keeping a clean house
Having children
Booking your own appointment
You have a will
Able to cook from scratch
Preferring a night in to a night out
Watching the news
Have a bank account
Cleaning up at the end of the day rather than stacking up dishes in the sink.
Have a view of politics
Can change a light bulb
keeping track of interest rates
No longer frequenting parent home for meals
Greet people with handshake
Owning your own car
Going to bed before 11pm
Your mum start asking you for advice
Try discussing the economy
Wear a suit and sensible shoes on outings
Have a “to do” list
Can change a tire
Buy a newspaper(or book)
You can follow a recipe