Working from home has been the norm in Italy for over a month
If you know how to pray, this is a good time to set yourself apart from the hustle and bustle and pray
So you’re at home because of lockdown in your state or nation, don’t be annoyed because of this. See it as an opportunity to better yourself and others around you. Apart from your work, what other things do you love to do? This is the time to do them. You may also get other interests along the line. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts.
Don’ts –

Don’t panic.
Don’t entertain visitors and don’t visit anyone.
Don’t use hand sanitizer at home but wash your hands with soap and water.
Don’t touch your face, nose and mouth with your hands.
Don’t sleep too much.
Don’t eat too much.
Don’t become a couch potato.
Don’t get irritable.
Don’t give room to boredom.
Don’t listen to negativity.
Don’t give in to fear.


Do take lots of water. (Preferably hot with lime or lemon).
Do take lots of fruits rich in Vitamin C.
Do have a plan for each day.
Do some physical exercises at home. Not so easy but try to move around each hour and get up from the couch or bed. You don’t want to add all the weight during this time.
Do clean your house and environment. Cleaning helps prevent the virus from spreading.
Get some good books to read. Whether hard or soft copy.
Enrol for online courses. There are webinars, courses ranging from 2 weeks upwards. You may even take a course on COVID-19 and educate others.
If you have a family. It’s a good time to bond. You and your spouse should use the opportunity to get closer and work on your relationship. The children? Play, talk and eat together. Ask them questions that will give you better insight into them. If they are younger explain in simple terms why they have to stay home and be safe. Read to them.
Do you love writing, sewing, drawing, knitting, painting…? Put your creativity into practice.
Do check on others to know how they’re faring at this time. Be a good neighbour ask if your neighbours need anything but remember you cannot go inside other people’s homes for now.
Keep communication lines open with your aged parents and relatives.
Do support those who are indigent around you.
If you know how to pray, this is a good time to set yourself apart from the hustle and bustle and pray. Seek God’s face and pray for nations. Study the scriptures.
Do encourage others.
Do exercise faith.
Do keep up with daily instructions from your local, state or national governments.
Stay at home and obey the laws of the land. There are lots of people who are out there putting their lives on the line to make us safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Look on the brighter side and obey the laws of the land. This is my fourth week in lockdown. I work from home and do other things to make my time at home interesting. No place for boredom.
This too shall pass.
Live life to the fullest!