Naples today as lockdown eases
vehicular noise and movements this morning unlike before, even the birds are tweeting louder today
After 60 days in lockdown. Here we are. The restrictions have been eased and we can move but all the measures are still in place. Yes, we can meet family, some businesses can start operating. Some others can still continue working from home. Schools are still closed, no large gatherings and that includes churches et al. I can hear vehicular noise and movements this morning unlike before, even the birds are tweeting louder today.

However, we cannot yet say uhuru. We have to be cautious. If you’re sick, stay home. When going out it is obligatory to put on your mask. Don’t let the mask give you a false sense of security. It doesn’t protect you from the virus! Yes it doesn’t, it protects others around you from your droplets and in case you have the virus, you don’t transmit it to them.

If you’re out or at work, apart from using the mask, you must maintain social distancing. Don’t get carried away with seeing others after a while and give handshakes or hug and kiss them. The social relationship as we know it have changed. All is strange and new. Actually, the new normal is not normal. But to beat the virus we have to adhere to the norms. It will be arduous but we can adapt just for our well being.

If it is not absolutely necessary, stay home. Don’t go out for the fun of it. There is nothing funny about this pandemic; people are still sick, still in ICU, people have died and a lot more are mourning. Schools closure doesn’t mean young people should roam. Classes are still online and they should be warned about the consequences of being undisciplined at this crucial time.

Washing of hands with soap and water is expedient. Avoid touching surfaces and rails as much as you can. Always have your gloves on while outside and also have hand sanitizer with you.

Remember, there are yet no vaccines for the COVID-19 and we have to avoid touching our eyes, noses and mouth. Don’t let down your guard and start celebrating. Keep hope alive and watch out for the best. Be safe as you go out and together we will beat this pandemic.
Live life to the fullest!