The Green Pass are only issued to fully vaccinated Italian residents
It has become mandatory for workers in Italy to have a Covid-19 Green Pass (a document that shows a person is vaccinated) before being allowed into both public and private work places. This comes into effect from October 15, 2021.

Workers at the Port of Trieste and Genoa have staged protests because they want the Green Pass removed, thereby halting services at the Ports. Official badges were disabled at the entrance of some companies to screen everyone and arrangements were made by some companies to bear the cost of tests done in Pharmacies by their staff. Tests must be done within 48 hours to be valid.

Workers must show the Green Pass or a complete self-certification for those who are unvaccinated and temperatures are also to be checked before workers are allowed in. Long queues were seen around various public offices and institutions like Universities and Courts before being verified with Green Pass and entry allowed.

Protests, sit-ins and strikes have been announced across the country with major cities like Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin, Trieste taking the lead. The Interior Ministry has announced that there is “maximum protection” in Rome, where protests are being organised at the Circo Massimo. There is a deployment of over 1000 officers to curtail public disorder or destruction to public properties.

Each regional police Headquarters are also urged to be on the alert for any disruption to flow of traffic or services on the highways, railways, airports or ports. Authorities in the territory are to be in maximum control and be observant of any group or individuals that want to constitute a nuisance and cause public disorder on October 15 and successive days, according to a circular signed by Police Chief Lamberto Giannini.

There had been a decline in the number of Corona virus cases in Italy for six consecutive weeks; new cases and deaths are decreasing with majority in intensive care unvaccinated. Italy records 73.49% of the population vaccinated however about 3.8 million workers are yet to take the vaccine.