Looming large at the Roma train terminus is a tree decorated with brilliant red balls and silver chains
This new year and decade, suffice to say we’re full of expectations, mindless of whatever we have been through in 2019. We all hope for the best even in the midst of our troubles. That is where wishes come in. We wish and hope, and believe for a great future for ourselves and loved ones. Traditionally, every new year starts with best wishes from everyone and it goes around.

Starting with children, they write letters to the Santa Claus telling him of their wishes. The parents would have warned them to be nice, so they could get good presents from the Santa. This works on most children as they put up their best behaviours. What about adults – this is a fairy tale and most adults know it, they cannot but made wishes for themselves and paste on a Wish Tree.

Looming large at the Roma train terminus is a tree decorated with brilliant red balls and silver chains. During the Christmas, it not only heralded the season to every passenger and passerby but gave its trunk as a conveyor belt for wishes from people from all over the world. From tourist to locals, everyone had a wish written in different languages – English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, Chinese, Swahili, Yoruba, Portuguese…this shows, as humans we all have desires. While reading through the wishes, some were so emotional I wished I could meet some of the writers and just assure or embrace them. I muttered a word of prayers and hope for some and just laughed at some.

Many wished for a peaceful world, others for good health for themselves or loved ones. Some wished to get married and start family, while some others desire jobs, accommodation, education et al. There were also words of prayers and gospel messages while some were simply hilarious.

Reading through the posts on the Wish Tree, reminds me of the child in all of us. Many that wrote the wishes knew full well that the tree was put up for the season and that all the posts would be removed but writing those notes gave them a kind of relief and hope. Some cannot even voice out their wishes but they found expression on the wish tree. Others wished they could have someone with listening ears to whisper their wishes to but they have none. The wish tree spreads its evergreen hands and they embraced them, hoping and believing the new year would be a better one.

Everyone has wishes. Some make resolutions for the new year. I don’t make resolutions but I always believe God to make my year better than the old one. The people that wrote the wishes are like you and I. You may not have written on a wish tree but you definitely have your wishes. We have people around us who wished for a better life or situation, they are not even asking that you fix it but they want you to listen and encourage them. All it takes sometimes is to open our arms to embrace and our ears to listen. Wishes do come true after all.

It was thoughtful of the management of the train terminus to provide a ball designed paper for the purpose. The writers left their wishes there and went their way. I left mine at God’s feet and went my way. However, whatever your wishes and prayers are this year may they come true. Don’t forget to be thoughtful of others as you go into this new year.

Happy New year! Happy New Decade!
Live life to the fullest!