Joseph Yogo earns praises
42-year-old Nigerian Joseph Yogo has earned praises for an honest act he pulled off this month in the southern Italian town of Matera.

Yogo, who has health issues and jobless, found a bag containing some substantial amount of money, cheque books, credit cards, keys and a mobile phone, downtown in the Piccianello quarters, the area around the market, close to the Caritas canteen.

The Nigerian didn’t think twice he headed to the police headquarters and turned in the bag.
Officers at the station promptly ascertained the content of the bag and then were able to trace its owner.

The honest act of the Nigerian has attracted to him praises from different quarters. Yogo was on television throwing light on how he found the bag and the motivation to turn it in not minding his precarious state.

In addition to his joblessness, Yogo said in the interview that he hadn’t the resources to rent his own accommodation. AfroLife gathered that such organization as the Caritas accommodate and cares for Yogo.

His poor health entails that he is fixed with a pacemaker. He is a professional house painter but does odd jobs which come his way intermittently.

Gianni Albano, the deputy head of the police headquarters of Matera, praised the honesty of the Nigerian on television. The owner of the bag also gave a symbolic token to the Nigerian in appreciation of his kind gesture.

Gianni Albano praises yogo