luck ran out on the fleeing Nigerian
A lot happened in the Nigerian Community in Italy during the popular August 15 holidays in Italy. Days before, a 25-year-old Nigerian woman who had tested positive for the Corona virus in the Veneto area, ran away from the hospital where she was receiving care.
The authorities put out a manhunt for her because of the health risk she posed to the public. During the holidays, luck ran out on the fleeing Nigerian as she was arrested by the Padova Railway Police.
Meanwhile, a 28-year-old Nigerian man lost his life on August 16 in Lake Garda, Peschiera. The Carabinieri say the young man dived into the lake but was unable to emerge on his own. The Carabinieri in a report believe the 28-year-old was seized by an illness.
The incident occurred around 6.30pm in the area of ​​Via Marina. The 118 rescuers intervened on the spot with an ambulance but all the attempt made to revive him proved futile.
It was later ascertain the Nigerian had died from cardiocirculatory arrest. He was residing in Sona.