The endorsement is big boost for Wizkid
Afrobeat/Hip-hop sensation, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun whose stage name is Wizkid, has had endorsement for his music from unusual quarters.
Former American President Barrack Obama has just endorsed the Nigerian by including his summer hit song “Smile” among his playlist which he posted online via Twitter alongside notable stars such as Beyonce and Rihanna.
It has become a tradition for the former American President to occasionally select his favorites music and twit them to his millions of followers around the globe.
The endorsement is big boost for Wizkid whose musical career has been on the ascendance since the release of his debut “Holla at your boy” in 2010.
It also underlines the continued rise of Afrobeat/Hip-hop on the international scene, especially in Europe and America.
Nigerian music stars have been dominant with the genre on the international scene over the last decade, so much that stars in the American music scene have sort their collaborations on musical projects.
Wizkid has hatched countless of such projects with his American counterparts, including the 2016 successful collaboration on the song “One Dance” with Drake, the Canadian singer/producer. The song reached the top of the sales charts in 15 countries
Born 30 years ago in Lagos to a Christian mother and a Muslim father, Wizkid grew up in a large family and the company of 12 sisters.