I’m living my dream
Lagos Fashion designer, Kenneth Ize is having the best time of his career with a debut in the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. The presentation of Ize’s collection has sparked frenzy on the social media.
The frenzy erupted moment British supermodel Naomi Campbell hit the runway in Paris in the traditional Yoruba Asoke. The mainstream media such as Vogue and France 24 report that Naomi Campbell donning the Asoke caused the media frenzy.
Kenneth Ize in an interview revealed that his collection was inspired by his childhood memories of going to church with his mother in the Nigerian commercial hub Lagos.
“I’m living my dream,” remarked the 29-year-old Nigerian of his “fairy godmother” collection. “It is about my religion, love, who I am, the people I believe in and sharing with,” he noted of his full autumn/winter collection which all had tinge of the Asoke.