How do I tell I’m not ready for marriage?
Q: I met this girl about three years ago and we’ve been dating since then. I like her because she’s well behaved, smart and loving, but I’m not ready for marriage yet. However, she keeps bringing the issue up even when we’re having normal discussions. I hinted her about not being ready because I have no plans for marriage responsibility now but she felt I’ve found another woman. How do I make her understand?
Tommy, Abuja, Nigeria.
A: Are you serious at all? You’ve been dating a girl for three years and you claimed she’s talking about marriage even during normal discussions. What do you want her to talk about? If you’ve been with her that long she believes you like her enough to marry her. Why should you hang around her that long if you have no plans of a future with her? If you truly love her have a heart to heart talk with her, she could give you more time but if you have no future plans with her please don’t waste her time or life any longer. Let her be. Wish you both the best!