He passed on May 1
Mike Aideyan, a popular Nigerian businessman has died in Italy. His death which occurred over the weekend came as a shock to the Nigerian Community in the country. Aideyan had taken ill few weeks ago and had been hospitalised since. He passed on May 1.

In Padova where he resided there have been an outpouring of grief. A community leader in the city, Dr Charles Obayagbona told AfroLife he met with the deceased early March shortly before the lockdown in Italy. While mourning his death, he said Aideyan’s death is a reminder that “we should all live at peace with one another at all times.”

When the Italian government liberalised the stringent conditions for migrants to established businesses in the 90s, Aideyan was among the first crop of Nigerians to set up retail and services which of late spread across Padova and its environs.

A member of the Nigerian Community in Padova, Mr Philip Osagie told AfroLife that there were ongoing networking among community members to arrange the funeral of Aideyan who is survived by his wife and children.