In all, 49 people, all Nigerians, were investigated.
In what has now become a recurring decimal, 32 Nigerians were arrested in nine regions of Italy accused by the police of conspiracy, trafficking, enslaving women, extortion, robbery, sexual violence and exploitation of prostitution. The coordinated arrests also took place in Germany, Malta, France and The Netherlands.
In all, 49 people, all Nigerians, were investigated. The investigation linked a rapid rise in cash flows from Italy to Nigeria, which was estimated by the Bank of Italy at €74.79 million in 2018, twice the figure of 2016, to the activities of the traffickers.
Italy has been grappling with waves of human trafficking for decades. The nation’s law enforcement agencies often carry out raids and make arrests of suspected Nigerian traffickers known in the Nigerian Community as trollies and their collaborators called madams. But these raids and arrests often attracting national publicities and comments from politicians, have not stemmed the trafficking of Nigerian women to Italy for prostitution.
Cults groups, especially the Eiye Confraternity, operate in major cities in Italy. They are the foot soldiers and enforcers for the madams. AfroLife has reported on their destructive activities over the last two decades. Investigations have revealed that the climate of hostility to immigrants in Italy, has made new arrivals vulnerable and ready materials for the various cult groups.
Helen Ikponmwosa, Lawrence Ogbomo, Osagie Ehimwenma arrested in one of several raids earlier this year