We are all praying for her and for her safe return one day
About two years ago in Nigeria’s northern state of Yobe, Boko Haram Islamist terrorists attacked a girls secondary school in Dapchi and abducted 109 students. Among them was 14-year-old Leah Sharibu. While the rest 108 girls were freed after one month in the captivity of the terrorists Leah was held upon refusing to renounce her faith as a Christian.
Many conflicting reports have led many to doubt in Nigeria that Leah was still alive. Recently though a female medical practitioner who was also abducted in a separate incident and set free by the terrorists told the press Leah was alive.
Leah’s mother Rebecca Sharibu is now on a quest to find her daughter outside of the assurances by the government in Nigeria that the abducted girl would be freed. Her quest has taken her to the United Kingdom, where the authorities in London are being lobbied to assist in finding Leah.
“There was a point we were told that she was dead, then hearing this lady say she had seen her gave me some relief,” Rebecca Sharibu said in an interview in London. “It gives me strength knowing that she did not renounce her faith in Jesus Christ, in Christianity, I get a lot of strength from that. We are all praying for her and for her safe return one day.”
Leah now 16 is still being held by Boko Haram terrorists