Every year hundreds of Nigerian women are trafficked into Italy
The German and Austrian governments have intensified the deportation of Nigerian asylum seekers. A source with knowledge about the inner workings of the European immigration system told AfroLife that over the last few months on the average a dozen Nigerians are deported to Italy from both countries on a monthly basis.

Having children, and plenty of them like some Nigerians have erroneously been doing is no guarantee to getting resident permit. Two women are now facing battles to have their stay in Italy legalise after they were deported from Germany.

Goodness Yakubu a mother of three told AfroLife of her ordeal in the hands of Germany immigration authorities. According to her she had been residing in Germany over the last three years but did not succeed with her asylum request and was deported to Italy the country where she first landed when she entered Europe.

Yakubu’s story is most pathetic because of the ages of her children of between two, four and six. The positive about her story is that her partner with whom she had one of the children is standing by her as they fight to have their stay in Italy legalised. She has vowed she is feed up roaming all over the continent and would stay put in Italy if her asylum is successful.

The story of Sandra another mother of four is even worse. After she entered Italy some five years ago she immediately had a child with the thinking that it would secure her a resident permit. When that did not materialise she moved to France and was impregnated by another man. No sooner was she delivered of that child than she realised that she would not be granted asylum.

Sandra then moved again, this time to the Netherland where she was impregnated by another man. Weeks after she put to bed reality dawned on her that the much resident permit she craved was still a mirage. She was persuaded by a compatriot to move over to Germany where it was rosy.

Sandra was on the move again. The moment she landed her host got down right to it, sleeping with the mother of three, In no time Sandra was pregnant again. After she delivered the grim prospect of her being deported to Italy set in. When the father of her new child sensed what was coming he abandoned Sandra and the four children.

Sandra is now in Italy following her deportation from Germany. She is saddled with the burden of catering for four children by four different men. On top of that she is also in the process of applying for asylum. The immigration expert advise asylum seekers to forget the impression that it is by having children they would be granted resident permit. He urged them to obey the laws of the land.