48-year-old Alukwe is a certified thug, with propensity to launch spontaneous attack on his victims.
In Rome, the name Okechukwu Alukwe is associated with crime, and whenever it is mentioned security operatives in the eternal city are on the alert.
48-year-old Alukwe is a certified thug, with propensity to launch spontaneous attack on his victims. No one is safe from this thug, not even the revered Carabinieri, who have also had a taste of his attack. His attacks have now become so rampant to attract the attention of the Italian Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede.
The Italian justice system has just handed Alukwe a two and a half year jail sentence for attacking two Carabinieri officers. The prosecutors in Rome had sort and gotten the sentence from the court to a perceived dangerous man who should not be on the loose in society.
Alukwe became a national item in the media when he first beat up a nurse at a Rome’s General Hospital to a pulp.
He has also attacked a porter. Before the latest sentence, Alukwe had only recently been released from Velletri Prison after doing one and a half year sentence for sexual violence, resisting public officials and doing them bodily harm.
He was to have been deported back to Nigeria after serving that sentence, but as the state was perfecting his deportation, Alukwe attacked the two Carabinieri officers as he was being taken to Potenza, where he was to be kept before his deportation.
Upon the attack on the officers he was detained for a night at the Carabinieri’s barracks and released the following day for health reasons. He had been injured during the attack on the officers.
It was at the Umberto Primo General Hospital he attacked the porter, pushing and kicking him. As a doctor at the hospital came to the aid of the porter, Alukwe managed to escape from the scene.
A manhunt was launched to reign him in. Few days later a distress call was received from a woman at the Rome’s train central station(Roma Termini). The 37-year-old woman told agents and officers of the city police that she was sitting on the same bench as Alukwe when he suddenly punched her in the face.
Alukwe was then taken back to another hospital where he was identified and arrested. He was then charged for the assault on the Carabinieri officers and sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment.
Alukwe launches the attack on the porter spontaneously at Umberto Primo in Rome