Trump mob takes over the Senate seat vacated earlier by VP Pence
United States President Donald Trump last ditch attempt to overturn the election he lost to Democrat Joe Biden last November by mobilising his supporters to lay siege on the Capitol has fallen flat. In a move that left most of the world in surprise, Trump supporters converged in Washington as the Senate and the House met in joint session to certify the electoral college votes handing Joe Biden the presidency.

The insurrectionists in a move now widely seen as a coup attempt, made their way to the Capitol, breaching parameters to gain access into the facility, the symbol of the nation’s democracy. Some of the insurrectionists were seen in the Senate chamber, with a mob actually taking over the seat where Vice President Mike Pence had been seating moment earlier as the presiding officers over the electoral vote count.

Members of both houses had to be evacuated to different locations. Some of the mobs went to occupy speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. President-elect Joe Biden told the press America democracy was under severe attack. All these were happening with President Donald Trump watching his supporters on the sideline with tweets calling them “great patriots.” He would come belatedly in a minute video to urge them to go home, that is after he had spewed his usual rambling that the election was stolen from him.

The European Union, NATO, Canada and the United Kingdom have all expressed surprise at what is going on in America. “Disgraceful scenes in America,” was how British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the unfolding drama. The whole of Washington DC is now under curfew. Soon to be Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer said the electoral votes certification would continue through the evening, further dealing Trump and his plans the blow.