Should I stay or move on?
I met my the man in my life in Nigeria when he came on vacation from the UK. We started dating on his second visit and we communicated regularly. A year after we met, I got pregnant, he came over and did the traditional wedding. We both have a two year old son and I recently went to meet him in the UK but to my chagrin he is married. He kept this from me throughout our relationship. When I confronted him, he claimed his marriage is troubled and they’re on with divorce process. I couldn’t believe anything he said again and I don’t want to be part of the dissolution. My problem is my son and I don’t want to be a second wife.

Shade, Essex UK

A: It’s unfortunate you found yourself in this situation, the signs would have been there but you were too trusting and blinded to see. Now that you’ve found out the truth about this man, need I remind you he can’t practice polygamy in the UK, forget marriage with him. He is not trustworthy, he’ll fail you many times more if you hang around him, get out and move on with your life. However, you have to make him commit to take care of the child from the relationship. Wishing you all the best in your decision.