Miriam Udeozo just ended her tour of duty in Italy
The former Head of Chancery at the Embassy of Nigeria in Rome, Mrs Miriam Udeozo will depart Italy at the end of August. Udeozo who until the arrival of Ambassador Omini Abam in June acted as the Charge d’Affaires, is departing Italy at the end of her diplomatic tour of the country.

Udeozo acted as the Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy of Nigeria in Rome from late last year at a time the mission was polarised by a diplomatic staff during a power tussle with the then departing Ambassador.

It was in the heat of that power tussle that the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Abuja directed Udeozo to take over as the Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy.

The moment Miriam Udeozo stepped in she swung into action, doing all in her power to stabilise the turbulent situation at the mission. She reached out to the community with assurances that their grievances about the Embassy would be addressed.

She lived to her promise clearing backlog of applications for passport issuance and renewal. She was able to prevail on the powers that be at the immigration bureau in Abuja to release passport booklets which before then were scarce items at the Mission.

Her insistence on changing the old guards at the consular and immigration section of the Embassy ensured that the newly deplored immigration personnel from Abuja were quickly settled-in. She also embarked and successfully carried out a reorganisation of the inner workings at the Mission.

Some members of the Nigerian Community have been putting events together to appreciate her time of service in the country.