The Celio Military Hospital in Rome where three Nigerians unleashed mayhem
The Celio Military Hospital in Rome was turned into a war zone when three Nigerians, two women and a man, unleashed mayhem on the facility, attacking and biting military officers as well as health workers.
The three whose names were not given by the police, were hospitalised in the facility after they tested positive for COVID 19. Reports say the three were demanding to be discharged from the hospital. The failure of the doctors to accede to their demands precipitated the attack which lasted for a good half hour.
The three had been brought to the hospital from the deportation centre at Rocca di Papa on the outskirts of Rome after they tested positive to the Coronavirus.
During the mayhem, they overturned desks, furniture and beds, turning a whole ward upside down. While making their escape, the three came face to face with a medical personnel in full COVID 19 protection gear and striped him of all the protective paraphernalia. The young medic has now been forced into quarantine.
Witnesses inside the hospital said the three tried for a while to use a 16-year-old boy of Indian origin, waiting also to be discharged from COVID 19, as get-away shield.
The situation was brought under control after the Carabinieri of Piazza Dante and those from Celio Military Police unit intervened. The Carabinieri have charged the three with private violence, resistance, violence to public servants as well as insult to public officials.
A military doctor reported minor injuries from the attack, while all those who came in contact with the three assailants were subjected to swabs, which returned negative. While waiting for a repeat examination, they will stay at home in isolation.
Italian defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini described the incident as “unacceptable aggression.”
“The attacks that took place at the military hospital are a serious and inadmissible fact and those responsible have already been reported and will answer for it,” the Minister vowed.