Governor Godwin Obaseki (R) and Osagie Ize-Iyamu his challenger have turned Edo to war zone
Politics is the most lucrative enterprise in Nigeria. In fact it is the only functioning enterprise in which election into public office is a do or die affair. It is in Nigeria a pauper’s life is transformed overnight the moment he or she ventures into politics. Politics in Nigeria is about deceit and the looting of public treasury. The typical Nigerian politician doesn’t do service, he wants to be served. His or her sense of entitlement is beyond word.
In a fortnight, the people of Edo State, in midwestern Nigeria, would be venturing out to elect a governor. Since the advent of this Third Republic in 1999, the state has never witnessed any pre-election tension and violence like we’ve all been treated to in this election circle. Edo has always been a peaceful state, a hither-to-now benchmark for pre and post election peace in Nigeria. The duo of Godwin Obaseki, the incumbent governor of the state, and Osagie Ize-Iyamu, his main challenger at this election, along with Adams Oshiomhole, a former governor of the state, acting as the puppet master, have thrown Edo in the war mode.
Oshiomhole is cast as a puppet master in the unfolding macabre drama of Edo for his disingenuous action in thrusting Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu into our collective consciousness. He claimed to have decimated the late Tony Anenih, the self-styled godfather of Edo politics, only for him to plunge himself into that odious role or working hard at being the modern day godfather of Edo politics.
Four years ago, he fetched Obaseki from the bottom of his political clan and rammed him down the Edo people as their saviour. He made Obaseki governor on everyone’s head, castigating Ize-Iyamu who was again the main opposition candidate as a nay-do-well. Oshiomhole’s gift of the garb didn’t fail him as he painted Ize-Iyamu a failure, a Pastor by day and bearer of AK 47 rifle by night. He was a cultist who attacked a fellow student at the University of Benin with acid. Oshiomhole isn’t done, Ize-Iyamu was a barrister who has never practiced law.
Now flip the coin four years later, Oshiohmole is at it again, he has juxtaposed the two desperados, he has divorced Obaseki and is telling Edo people that Ize-Iyamu is their new saviour. He has been telling us that Obaseki is a demon Edo people must resist. Like Ize-Iyamu, Oshiomhole is telling us that Obaseki is also a failure, he’s the worst person to ever sat in the oval office at Osadebe House. Oshiomhole has succeeded in donning Obaseki with the toga of MOU (memoranda of understanding) Governor, a cunning serpent and an ingrate.
The people of Edo State have been reduced to mere turf where these three politicians perform for the nation to behold. The act of governance or well being of the people in this trying times of COVID 19, count for nothing to them. Thanks for the timely intervention of the revered Benin monarch, his royal majesty Oba Ewuare II, who waded in this week to urge these politician to sheath their swords, who knows what mayhem they had in store for the people.
In all this, one thing is clear, win or lose, neither Obaseki or Ize-Iyamu, will serve the interest of Edo people. The people must brace themselves up for the season of the locusts. The rent collectors are coming, and they are coming with a venom from which Edo treasury will be paralysed.