“We’re all happy that he’s gone and never to return again”

The migrant community in Italy, particularly Africans, are rejoicing because the governing alliance between the 5 Star Movement and the Lega Nord has collapsed.

It is not the collapse of the government that has sparked celebration among Africans but the fact that Matteo Salvini, the Interior Minister in the government is gone. In Southern Italy, where most of the newly arrived Africans are stuck, there was a deep sigh of relief among those AfroLife sort their view. They are relieved that their tormentor in chief, Salvini has fallen with the 15-month-old government. In fact it was Salvini who initiated the current law to crack down on migrants.

“We all know Salvini, he does not want us here, he used threats and foul language to harass us, we’re all happy that he’s gone and never to return again,” a Senegalese, Pape told AfroLife.

In Northern Italy, a Nigerian in the city of Milan who identified himself as Ifada, noted that the mood in the city among immigrant is that of joy. “Salvini is an opportunist, he demonised migrants and rode on their back to power. He told his people what they wanted to hear. I hope we never experience his kind of person in this country again.”

Ifada disclosed that some people he knew fasted and prayed that God should end “this misery.” In Firenze, a group of North Africans, described the “fall of Salvini” as the best news this year. One of them an Algerian, said he was threatened with deportation. He said to walk on the street means you have to be vigilant because there were people with racist intent “to do us harm” because of Salvini hate sermons everyday.

A supporter of the fallen Minister, an Italian who gave his name as Massimo, told AfroLife Salvini was a man of action and has no apology to anyone for all he did. Reminded of the fallen Minister’s vow to deport 500,000 immigrants and asked how many of this figure were deported during his 15 months stint at the helm, Massimo indicated zero with his fingers. So much for action man.

Dan Ekhator