Violent protest by Neo-Facist group Forza Nuova in Rome over COVID 19
A nationwide curfew beginning at 9pm till dawn is set to be imposed in Italy by November 4, to curb the resurgence of the Coronavirus in the country. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told parliament that the curfew was part of new measures because the spread of COVID-19 is continuing to rise.

“There will be limits on movements in the evening,” he said, pointing out that, ”in the last few weeks the increase in COVID cases has seen 150 infections for every 100,000 inhabitants and the situation in our country is deteriorating.”

The Premier said Italy was heading towards a scenario 4 situation where lockdowns are usually ordered. He said intensive care would be at risk in 15 regions within a month. Other measures include cancellations of shows as well as closures of museums at a national level. Under the new measures shopping malls will be closed at the weekends as middle and secondary schools are now mandated to use distance learning only.

Public transports are also affected by the new measures, the number of people allowed on public transport will be cut by half – they will now operate carrying 50 per cent of their normal passengers. People who need to be out for the motive of work are exempted and would not be affected by the curfew.

Italy has witnessed pockets of violent protests over restrictive measure occasioned by COVID 19. Prime Minister Conte said the government would make “every financial efforts” to support employment. Italy has registered no fewer than 30,000 cases of the Coronavirus on a daily basis in the last one week.