As racism continues to dominate the spheres of some nations around the globe, Colin George Thomas medical practitioner in NHS England pens this moving poem
I really don’t hold anything against you for the color of your skin.

I just need you to know that the character of a person is judged from deep within.

I don’t want you to feel sorry for my birthright .
However, I hope one day you will realise why I had to fight.

This disease of hate I don’t want it to affect me.
So I have put this issue before Christ to completely deliver me.

As men continue to exalt themselves and justify their wicked ways.

We know we are fast approaching the season of the end of days.

The house of God should stand together and still have not decided.

And will fall serving two masters like a kingdom that will be divided.

Is it me or are the people of God really blind?

Consumed by fear in submission to Caesar always portraying to be kind.

If the human life is all about money then let me be set apart .
That all I desire now is for God to ordain my heart.

I have come to a time in my life that no person will understand.
To be rejected by my skin as if I had not been made by God’s Holy hands.

So let people’s hearts be hardened.
The price of arrogance is coming the world’s way.

All I can do now is to submit to God through humility and continue to pray.