COVID-19 Poem By Dr Olusola Akinyemi
Sounds like a prisoner’s code,
For starting to read an ode,
Before a final bow,
To life on death row.

A call to end life’s rush,
And stay put on the spot,
To eat a meal from the pot,
In peace without the rush,
Away from the daily crush.

A call to stand in the dock,
And swing along like a clock,
Fragile for now on a rustic rope,
Thinking about forgotten hope.

Sounds like a reminder in “Ben Hur”,
“We keep you alive to serve this ship”,
Before another lash on the hip,
We row to the rhythm of the drum,
Without the sipping of some rum.

Away from the world of work,
Rat race and numbing noise,
To hear for once the soothing voice,
Every hour, all day, of my dear Janet,
Seems like being on another planet.

This time I call your name,
Ready to put it in the flame,
And warn we are not in a game,
For now we are in lockdown,
Rejecting the bid to be kept down.

We have taken leave of meal deal,
We are now enjoying the real deal,
To spring to life again,
And run around in the rain.

You have taken the shine,
From our razzle dazzle,
You have taken the spine,
From our hustle and bustle.

Our health is down on its face,
Our economy is down in its pace,
We weigh the burden we bear,
Refusing to bow to fear.

Our brothers in Italy,
Are counting the tally,
Our sisters in Spain,
Are feeling the pain,
Our brethren in France,
Have long stopped to dance.

For now it may be dark,
We hang by the rustic rope,
For sure we are bouncing back,
With faith and love and hope,
We are now on the track,
To give life another crack!