Set  yourself apart
Self isolate
Stay away
Stay at home
Avoid crowded places
It’s all the same thing
Don’t catch the COVID-19 and don’t spread it
Yes, it isn’t an easy thing to stay home. It’s not an easy decision for governments to lockdown their nations. No one wants to do this but lives have to be saved before any other thing. Italy probably won’t be at this point today if this had been done earlier or people heeded this advice.

It may not be easy for everyone to stay home given their economic conditions or the peculiar  nature of the country but we all can take necessary precautions and avoid crowded areas. It’s not time to party, or visit or socialise, it’s time of sober reflection, looking out for others, helping those that can’t afford basic things. You can do all this with social distancing.

And did I  mention, don’t gather in church? Yeah… no church meetings or gatherings. I know, we should not forsake the fellowship of one another. Thank God, I’m a Believer but I’ve not been to church in 3 weeks. Do I miss my church? Of course I do. Do you think I don’t have faith? You may be wrong. I have faith in my God that He’s able to stop all this in a breath. Faith without works is dead.

Moreover, I believe that we (you and I) are the Church and not the building. I’ve always maintained that every believer is part of the church. Anyway, going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. Church leaders should have equipped their followers to be able to stand as soldiers of Christ and fight the good fight wherever they are.

Most of the psalms and prayers David wrote or prayed were from his chambers (house). So who says you can’t pray and be heard in the corner of your house. Build an altar of worship and prayers at home (not necessarily a physical one). Have a house church. What’s more? You can connect with your local church online and still worship together. You can connect spiritually.

Be wise! Remember only the living can praise the Lord, not the dead. Stay alive, so you can have more praises to sing and share testimonies in coming days. Any leader that doesn’t encourage his or her members to stay home at this time doesn’t love them.
Beloved, I plead with you all avoid going out unnecessarily.

Take all precautions the medics have given. Build your immune system with fruits rich in Vitamins C and hydrate with lots of water. The Lord will continue to be our shield and buckler. Keep praying for our nations. Remember, this also shall pass.