In 2011, AfroLife detailed how a 25 year old Nigerian, Antonia Egbuna was murdered by an Italian Daniele Piampaschet Ughetto.

After hacking the Nigerian to death, Ughetto dumped her body in the PO River in Torino.

He went on to write about it. Unfortunately for him investigators on the case got hold of that manuscript and he was charged for the murder of Egbuna. The slow but steady wheel of justice has been grinding these seven years.

Within the period, the case has gone up to the Italian Supreme Court. When judgement was delivered days ago, Ughetto was nowhere to be seen. He was a fugitive fleeing from the law. When the Italian Military Police, the Carabinieri called at Ughetto’s apartment after judgement has been delivered to take him to prison, they discovered that he had fled.

The Carabinieri were undaunted, they were on his trail. They trailed the father of the killer called Luigi who surreptitiously went to give him food where he was hiding in the forest of Giaveno. 

During their hunt for the fugitive, the Carabinieri came upon a grandiose plan by Ughetto to flee abroad. According to the plan, he purposed to reach Terrasini, in the province of Palermo, where the family has an apartment and then continue on to Tunisia, in north Africa. The Supreme court passed a sentence of 25 years on Ughetto.

Onyinye George