Martin suspended by the Embassy of Nigeria Berlin Germany
The social media has been awash with a sexual video of a certain Mr Martin, a staff of the Nigeria Embassy in Berlin, Germany. A Nigerian lady who claimed to be married, alleged that she had gone to the Embassy for a passport where she was told that her resident permit was fake, and could therefore not be issued a passport.

Mr Martin then propositioned to have sex with the lady at a nearby hotel in return for the issuance of the passport to her. When they were done sleeping together, Mr Martin called her a few days later that her passport was ready for collection. They agreed to rendezvous at the same hotel. The lady, unknown to Martin engaged some people to come in on them and film what would transpire in the hotel. The moment they were set to sleep together again the door bust opened and a male voice could be heard in the video saying “Martin your cup is full…”

The incident which apparently took place in the summer didn’t come to light until the video went viral a couple of days ago. The Nigeria Embassy in Berlin, Germany, in a statement said the staff in the video had been suspended pending thorough investigation into the incident. The statement signed by Nigerian Ambassador to Germany Yusuf Tugger noted that the Embassy has zero-tolerance for any kind of abuse.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of office and especially of sexual misconduct. Our full resources are being deployed to investigate a very serious incident and any other abuses that this inquiry may reveal,” the statement observed.

“The investigation is taking place with all the urgency and diligence that this very serious situation demands. When due process is complete, any guilty party can expect to face the full weight of the law. Our heartfelt sympathies are with any innocent victims of abuse,” the statement concluded.